Christmas Karaoke

I regret to inform you that I did another Christmas song. I couldn't help it. I just have a lot to say about Christmas. 

It's called Christmas Karaoke, and it's about the horrors of the work Christmas party, so of…

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Repeat After Me

My new single, Repeat After Me, is out now. It’s a poppy one with sarky lyrics, about people muddling through life making the same mistakes over and over, a trait I find v annoying in other people but especially in…

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New single, What The Heart Wants

My new single, What The Heart Wants, is out now in probably any place you could ever want to listen to music. 

It’s about the evils of nostalgia, and about the midlife unravelling that eventually led to me starting to…

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Fun fact: I once fell in a bin during a job interview. Still got the job. I think it was endearing.

I’ve done quite a few interviews recently, which has been a really interesting experience (for me – dunno if…

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New single, Everything & Nothing, 6 June

I accidentally wrote a love song. I'm so very sorry. It's called Everything and Nothing and it's out on 6 June. If you're not utterly revolted by the prospect, you can presave it here.