Fun fact: I once fell in a bin during a job interview. Still got the job. I think it was endearing.

I’ve done quite a few interviews recently, which has been a really interesting experience (for me – dunno if anyone else liked it). I don’t think I’m very good at expressing myself on social media because every opinion I have comes with parentheses and footnotes, so it’s been good to talk to people in a bit more depth. 

You can read a Q&A I did with Nene’s Butler Presents, or another one for Indie Music Discovery, or yet another one for Artistic Echoes, or hear me being a guest on Backstreet Radio.

I also had a long and fairly in-depth chat with Graham Coath for his MyMusic podcast about how I started making music and why, and about how that’s shaped my attitude to music. I wish I’d realised earlier how easy it is to write a song. There’s no doubt in my mind that anyone can write a song if they want to, and that’s so exciting to me.

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