New single, What The Heart Wants

My new single, What The Heart Wants, is out now in probably any place you could ever want to listen to music. 

It’s about the evils of nostalgia, and about the midlife unravelling that eventually led to me starting to make music. It’s about feeling bored and dissatisfied with my life, but not really knowing how to change anything and being scared to even try, and about the conflict between head and heart, when you’re stuck in a crappy situation and know intellectually that you have to move forward but don’t really want to, and keep hoping that magically things might get better by themselves. The lyrics are based around the metaphor of a toxic friendship and I nicked the title from Emily Dickinson. 

It’s probably the song I’ve worked hardest on – there’s 22 “final” versions of it on my hard drive, and I’m still convinced somehow it gave me covid, but hopefully it’s worth it. Like all my songs, it’s a completely DIY production, recorded in my pigsty, and with a video filmed on my favourite beach.

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